Jambavan This is the story taken from While Sewing Sandals Or Tales of a Telugu Pariah Tribe By EMMA RAUSCHENBUSCH-CLOUGH  [archive.or...

The Story of Jambavan: Maybe This is why Most of the hindus don’t eat cow’s meat

This is the story taken from While Sewing Sandals Or Tales of a Telugu Pariah Tribe By EMMA RAUSCHENBUSCH-CLOUGH []
The Story of Jambavan
The Madigas proudly point to Adijambuvu astheir great ancestor. He was the ” grandfather ofthe Madigas,” who was created “six months beforethe world began.” This places Adijambuvu as totime, for in India “the world began” when theAryans made their conquests, and this man, whowas ” the first Madiga,” was one of those who werein possession of the soil when the invaders came.
Now Adijambuvu was very great. No matterwhat Rama wanted to do about war, he first wentand asked him, as patriarchal head, for his advice,and then did what he said. Though of highestate when the Aryans first came in contact withthe sons of the soil, the day of humiliation cameto Adijambuvu. He fell from his height.
There was in those days a cow, called Kamadhenu,for she was the ” cow of plenty.” A boy,whose name was Vellamanu, tended the cow, andshe gave much milk. Adisakti, the primevalenergy worshipped by the aborigines, permittedthe gods to drink the milk of Kamadhenu.
The boy, Vellamanu, desired exceedingly totaste of the milk. But the gods said : ” You shallnot by any means partake of it.” He would notrest satisfied. One day he lay down as if sick.By stealth he took the pot from which the godshad drunk the milk, poured water into it anddrank it. He said to himself: ” If the milk tastesso good, how must the meat taste ? ” Kamadhenubecame aware of his evil intentions. Atthe very thought that any one should desire to eather flesh, her spirit departed, and she fell dead.
The gods heard what had happened. Theycame to the spot and found Kamadhenu dead.What should be done ? They went to Adijambuvuand said : ” You are the greatest among us.You must divide her into four parts.” He did so.One part he retained for himself, one part wasgiven to Brahma, one to Vishnu, and one to Siva.They took their parts and went away.
Ere long the gods came back and said, ” Wemust have the cow again.” They brought theirthree parts, and called for Adijambuvu’s part.But the boy, Vellamanu, had meantime cut off apiece and was boiling it. As it bubbled in thepot a particle of the meat rose with the bubblesand fell into the fire. He took it up, blew againstit, so that the moisture in his breath touched themeat, and put it back into the pot.
Adijambuvu took his part of the cow, and withthe other three parts proceeded to create a newcow. But, alas ! the flesh that had been boiledand breathed upon could not be replaced. Kamadhenuwas not as before. Loose skin was hangingdown from her chin, the flesh that had formerlyfilledit was gone. She was reduced in every way.From her proud stature of two heads, four horns,eight feet and two tails she dwindled down tothe present size of the cow.
The gods said, “Adijambuvu has to comedown from his height and be beneath us.” Thusthe day of his humiliation began. He dug himself a well, and the boy, Vellamanu, dug another,for caste difference rose between them.
Such is the legend of the ” grandfather of the Madigas.”